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Limmat Tower, Zurich, Switzerland | Architect: huggenbergerfries Architekten AG | © Florian Licht

Limmat Tower

Building type: Residential building
Location: Limmatfeld-Str., 8953 Dietikon, Switzerland
Architect: huggenbergerfries Architekten AG, Zurich
Construction: Cassettes (special construction)
Fabricator: Werkstätte Liechtblick
Installer: Ecolite AG
Year of construction: 2015
Material: ALUCOBOND® PLUS anodized look C31

© Florian Licht

The Chicago school and high-rise living

Dietikon’s new district, Limmatfeld, is located at the heart of dynamic Limmattal, between the station, city centre and the river Limmat. The 80-metre high Limmat Tower, soaring high above the whole Limmatfeld district, is the most distinctive feature on Rapidplatz square.

It is clear at first sight that the Limmat Tower is no ordinary high-rise building. This monolithic structure is conspicuously different from the normal glass-fronted high-rise buildings. It is more than just an office block; it is also a residential building. The architect, Lukas Huggenberger, explains how, “The tower creates a central point for Limmatfeld in the way a church used to do in a medieval town.”

The building acts as gateway to Limmatfeld and as a landmark for Limmattal. The striking façade tapers upwards, meaning that although the base is massive, the upper part of the building becomes increasingly slender before it finally appears to melt away into the sky at the very top. Depending on the light, the lustrous ALUCOBOND® façade in warm, neutral tones changes colour subtly.

The architects have modelled their work on the very earliest skyscrapers, created by the late 19th century Chicago School. Recesses modulate the volume of the high-rise building and the ALUCOBOND® façade is defined and elegantly enhanced by its structure. The pentagonal geometry of the ground plan is a significant characteristic of the tower. Urban architecture is usually based on quadratic formats, but the architectural practice huggenbergerfries, by taking the extraordinary, in the best sense of the word, decision to use a pentagon, has created a defining stylistic influence. The building makes a confident, modern and future-oriented impression – yet still displays a timeless poise.


Thinking of Bauhaus Berlin is automatically associated with Gropius. Now, Berlin has another association: The new building of the Bauhaus AG by Müller Reimann Architects. The new building is a warehouse construction with an extravagant façade and has the prominent address Kurfürstendamm 129a.


ALUCOBOND® Prefab invisible is a new façade construction system for ALUCOBOND® panels without visible fixings, these fixings can spoil the aesthetic of the façade. Specially developed carrier sections are structurally bonded with the bonding system ALUCOBOND® by tesa® to the rear of ALUCOBOND® panels.

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