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New Lynn Merchant Quarter, Auckland, New Zealand | Architect: Jasmax

New Lynn Merchant Quarter

Building type: Residential
Location: New Lynn Merchant Quarter Auckland, New Zealand
Architect: Jasmax
Construction: Cassettes (special construction)
Fabricator: Kaneba Ltd
Year of construction: 2014
Material: ALUCOBOND® PLUS design

The original concept by the designers was to give a “random look” to the building. They were exploring various options for the façade to match their concept. The option they initially liked was HPL. With this solution they would have required 1770 cut panels of rectangles of size 1200mm x 300mm.

When the ALUCOBOND® team met with the architects and proposed the “ALUCOBOND® design” solution, it made them change their mind. Not only were they getting the desired look on the building but at the same time reducing the panels to 270 of size 3100mm x 1300mm, thus saving more than US$ 100,000 apart from reducing the installation time significantly and all of this with the freedom to choose the colors of their choice. For this particular project 6 custom shades were painted into one panel rendering the unique façade that it looks.

Architects just loved the fact that combined with the extraordinary formability (e.g. folding, bending) of ALUCOBOND® they could express their unique architectural style.

The Cladding system used in this case was (Fixed Cassette system) typical of Kaneba, the ALUCOBOND® fabricator to give the building a clean look apart from being a durable fixing system.

All in all this truly is one of the landmark buildings of New Zealand.


Thinking of Bauhaus Berlin is automatically associated with Gropius. Now, Berlin has another association: The new building of the Bauhaus AG by Müller Reimann Architects. The new building is a warehouse construction with an extravagant façade and has the prominent address Kurfürstendamm 129a.

Limmat Tower

Dietikon’s new district, Limmatfeld, is located at the heart of dynamic Limmattal, between the station, city centre and the river Limmat. The 80-metre high Limmat Tower, soaring high above the whole Limmatfeld district, is the most distinctive feature on Rapidplatz square.


ALUCOBOND® Prefab invisible is a new façade construction system for ALUCOBOND® panels without visible fixings, these fixings can spoil the aesthetic of the façade. Specially developed carrier sections are structurally bonded with the bonding system ALUCOBOND® by tesa® to the rear of ALUCOBOND® panels.