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premium anodised

Moxy Hotel, Antwerp | HUB Architecten | © Luc Ameys

Each panel is unique

Anodising is an electrochemical process which converts the surface of a metal into a decorative, durable oxide layer which is both corrosion and wear-resistant. Unlike other coatings, this aluminium oxide is fully integrated with the underlying aluminium substrate, not just applied to the surface.

Not only resilient, the major appeal of anodised aluminium is its beauty. The process of anodising creates a unique oxide layer which can vary from panel to panel due to the batch process. On the one hand, this might mean that you receive a colour which varies slightly from the original colour sample. On the other hand, each façade panel has a truly individual appearance. As the surface of the panels is subject to natural variations, the result is a lively façade with a distinctive character.

The top-quality real anodised series comes in matt or brushed finishes with a colour spectrum ranging from natural anodised to gold, and from copper to darker tones. Time enhances the anodised surfaces: as they gain depth and become more expressive, the authentic beauty of aluminium is accentuated to the full.

поверхности premium anodised

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