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Façades take on a rugged stone look with the ALUCOBOND® rocca surface series. Divested of colour, the secret of their special character is only revealed by light refraction on their surface. The rocca range is available in four shades: the soft jet black of graphite, the rugged terrain of Dolomite anthracite, the weathered iron-grey of a meteorite and the crisp silver-white of quartzite.

ALUCOBOND® rocca features a unique, perceptibly textured structure where light is broken up naturally into the widest range of shades. Depending on your viewing angle and how the light falls, the interface between gloss and matt on this subtle surface structure can be more defined and vibrant or softer and more subtle. This, too, is modelled on natural stone: the nature of the rock dictates a different sheen at the fracture lines.

rocca surfaces