ALUCOBOND® anodized look


Silky smooth surface, dimensionally stable structure

Silky shimmering elegance for your architecture: ALUCOBOND® anodized look surface series puts your building in the right light.

Be flexible. Get gold.

3A Composites has developed the anodized look C2 Light Gold – a surface colour that harmoniously adapts to any architecture: Historic or contemporary natural stone façades look noble and classic with the matt golden shimmer of the C2 Light Gold surface. It also blends authentically with the concrete architecture of the 1950s and harmonises with the original profiles and handles of windows and doors. Anodized look C2 Light Gold unfolds a particular charm when used on large crystalline cubic volumes. This is because the surface reflects and diffuses daylight without glare, yet it also adds a strong contrast to any folding, inclination or gap in the façade. The reflected light further immerses the environment in a delicate golden shimmer.

Whether subtle or idiosyncratic, contemporary or timeless, the character of your building becomes more expressive with the classic colours of ALUCOBOND® anodized look: cool or perhaps a warm silvery, sepia or a rich brown, slightly understated in anthracite or extra glamour in light gold. The silky matt surfaces of the Anodized Look appear velvety, soft and harmonious just like anodised metal.

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