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ALUCOBOND® student workshop in our Technicum


At the beginning of June 2017 the 3A Composites GmbH welcomed students at new technology centre in Singen. The students of ​​architecture and communication design at HTWG Constance got a four-day workshop. The workshop was organized and managed by Klaus Wetzstein, architect at 3A Composites GmbH. He was supported by Prof. Fritz and Prof. Wickert of the HTWG.

The aim of this project week was to design a utility product for a targeted group and to complete it as a prototype. A previous theoretical training was used for inspiration. During the training folding mechanisms, origami techniques and different creative techniques were presented.

All aluminium composite materials from 3A Composites GmbH were available for the prototype. The students got a training on the products for optimal processing. While working with ACM the supervisors were able to answer questions about the geometry, construction and fabrication.

The creative and diverse workshop was completed by a presentation of the final designs.

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