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ALUCOBOND® premium
anodised: New surfaces


Supreme elegance made of exclusive metal

Surfaces to withstand all weathers and, at the same time, providing scope for new design options in architecture: ALUCOBOND® premium anodised delivers impressive benefits with its excellent material properties and versatile appearance. A touch of luxury or elegant understatement – metal is a multi-talent.

Beauty with depth effects

The top-quality real anodised series comes in matt or brushed finishes with a colour spectrum ranging from natural anodised to gold, and from copper to darker tones. Time enhances the anodised surfaces: as they gain depth and become more expressive, the authentic beauty of aluminium is accentuated to the full.

Electrolytic oxidation of the aluminium covers the material in a protective oxide layer, which is then coloured in a second step. Thanks to this process, the colours retain their intensity and are protected against corrosion. For top-quality façades with a long lasting impact.

PANELOX®: Patterned façades

Unique worldwide, the newly developed PANELOX® process broadens design scope, transforming façades with individual decors and structures. The surface structure varies from rough or rusty to glossy and polished depending on processing. This creates a unique, multi-layered texture and light refraction.

All surfaces here available.


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