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Forms & Elements: Autumn Moods


“Autumn, the year’s last loveliest smile.” This is how the American poet William Cullen Bryant so aptly described the season.

Autumn, nature mirrors the transition from summer to winter with crisp radiance and glorious plays of colour; but also grey foggy days stretching out over wilted leaves ...

Never the same, sometimes extremely intensive; sometimes more restrained. Woods and landscapes are often bathed in a magical light. The glorious fusion of all nuances of green, red, brown, yellow is captivating. As part of the research for this edition of Forms & Elements, we looked at the current trends in autumn colours. The “Indian Summer” colour palette has always been a classic, but these tones have now been combined with pastel shades like rose-pink or dove-blue.

Which combination of hues and tones does each person select from the range of autumn colours? What does your own autumn mood board look like?

Against this background, we would like to introduce you to ALUCOBOND® projects where colours, surfaces and materiality offer inspiration for an “autumn mood board”. You might well create your own personal colour palette for the autumn while listening to the jazz classic “Autumn Leaves” ...

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