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Forms & Elements: Black & White


With this first edition of Forms & Elements in 2017 we will begin a journey – a journey through the world of colours. When compiling moodboards, the look and feel of the materials is most important.

In this issue we will start with one of the classics: Black & White. The duality of black and white and their mutual interplay is just fascinating. As already Karl Lagerfeld stated: “Black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means”.

Black and white are two of the most emotive visuals in nature. They are opposites. In our western world black is usually seen as dark, a symbol of authority and power, and in some circumstances as a symbol of evil. White is a sign of purity and brightness and of a natural innocence that combats its opponent.

The real benefit of both colours is that they either work alone, but also when melded together in a contrasting design; the effect can’t be ignored by the viewer. It is clean, can be either simple or complex, and has endless
opportunities that other color schemes just don’t manage to generate. It all just balances itself out. Just have a look at the projects on the following pages and feel either the harmony or the contrast of ALUCOBOND® in black and white.

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