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Faceted façade

It is possible to make a bended façade without bending the panels, using a faceted solution, with flat panels rectangular or trapezoidal. It is a simple solution to make a curved façade.

Natural bending

A natural bend is possible with both the “riveted / screwed” and “SZ 20” fastening systems.

Roll bending machine

Shape assistant enables to draw your shape, and automatically writes the bending program. Tilting assistant guides into the conical-parts realization, automatically estimating the tilting needed for the rolls.

Natural twist

The Finite Element calculation (FEM) from 3A Composites determines the stress on the ALUCOBOND® panel.

Mechanical twist

Some projects were made with twisted face fixed panels, but the panels were mechanically rounded with a roll bending machine first, then the natural twist was made on building site following the shape of the substructure.


Double direction bending makes use of the complex shapes possible.

3D cassette folding

Freely shaped façade surface in cassette construction with the help of planar triangular surfaces.

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