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HiCAD ALUCOBOND® – the new product solution for façade engineering


HiCAD ALUCOBOND® is the new CAD-solution for façade engineering. The joint development of the ISD Software und Systeme GmbH in Dortmund and the 3A Composites GmbH in Singen enables an accurate planning of complete building shells from the first concept and the output of the related production documents to the immediate passing of the data to CNC machines.

The new, exclusive HiCAD ALUCOBOND® extension module has been geared towards designing with ALUCOBOND® composite panels. It allows the user to create 3-D variants for ALUCOBOND®-specific tray panels as early as in the planning phase. In addition, it enables an automatic placing of ALUCOBOND® tray panels into a 3-D grid. Furthermore, HiCAD ALUCOBOND® offers various individual designing functions, such as the detailing of corner connections, clasps and fasteners. A wide range of ALUCOBOND® coatings allows a convenient integration of required surface types and colour variants.

The interface to the production lines is created by supplementing the design data in HiCAD with ALUCOBOND®-specific allowance data and passing them automatically to the CNC machines in the production department.

As an industry-comprehensive CAD system it does not only provide functions for all conceivable tasks in the field of civil engineering, but also the tools that are required for all related fields of industry – in one single CAD system, thus sparing you switching between applications.

You can work flexibly right from the start, whether in 2-D, 3-D or a combination of the two methods, while HiCAD supports you with its powerful functions. Choose our special suites for your requirements – the selection ranges from the pure ALUCOBOND® planner to individual 3-D façade and glazing planning tools.

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