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LEPIR 2 fire tests passed


LEPIR 2 fire tests passed for ALUCOBOND® panels

ALUCOBOND® has responded the new French fire regulations* which amends the requirements and imposes a high fire safety level for riveted / screwed and cassette cladding panels, by successfully carrying out LEPIR2 full scale testing** with EFECTIS France laboratory for its PLUS and A2 panels.

Its complete solution combines aesthetics, technicality and compliance with all the FIRE standards, in the use of these products, in combination with the installation of an invisible cavity barrier on the facade without steel framing around the windows!

ALUCOBOND® is the only manufacturer of aluminum composite materials to offer visible or invisible fixing panels without visible cavity barriers or unsightly frames in France, an undeniable aesthetic advantage. With the possibility of using ALUCOBOND® PLUS up to 28 meters in height and ALUCOBOND® A2 for buildings above 28 meters.

*The entry came into force on January 1, 2020 of the decrees of August 7, 2019 relating to the fire safety of residential buildings in new new build and refurbishment projects, modifies the requirements and imposes a high level of fire safety for riveted / screwed and cassette cladding panels.

**Test report: LEPIR 2 n°EFR-18-LP-002782 / Certificate n° EFR-18-002782.

The latest achievements with ALUCOBOND® PLUS and ALUCOBOND® A2 panels dedicated to high-rise buildings, make the material essential in order to combine the fire resistance required by the new French regulations with other advantages of aesthetics and durability. The project Elithis Danube Tower in Strasbourg is the perfect example.

Tour Elithis Danube, Strasbourg, France
XTU Architects // Atalu // Soprema
© Elisabeth Leblanc

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LEPIR 2 fire tests passed