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New surfaces



Façades take on a rugged stone look with the ALUCOBOND® rocca surface series. Divested of colour, the secret of their special character is only revealed by light refraction on their surface. The rocca range is available in four shades: the soft jet black of graphite, the rugged terrain of Dolomite anthracite, the weathered iron-grey of a meteorite and the crisp silver-white of quartzite.

All surfaces here available.

ALUCOBOND® vintage

ALUCOBOND® vintage – expressive and timeless. Natural patina on a material gives it a truly distinctive charm, and individual weathering features create a nostalgic touch. The imperfection and irregularity of the ‘random’ appearance are the very aspects which open up a wide range of new aesthetics when combined with modern architecture.

All surfaces here available.


We love wood. There is a warmth to wood. Wood feels good. Wood has a long tradition. ALUCOBOND® legno salutes the oldest building material in the world. And combines natural beauty with the qualities of ALUCOBOND® aluminium composite panels.

The natural beauty of wood is particularly striking in this new generation of high-quality textured façade panels. We are particularly proud that ALUCOBOND® legno even feels like wood. The secret behind the authentic wood look is the new extra matt woodgrain surface.

All surfaces here available.

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New surfaces