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Princess Maxima Centrum Hospital, Utrecht


Princess Maxima Centrum Hospital with 20.000 m2 of ALUCOBOND® PLUS in White was the first of these projects which have been actually delivered and will be completed this year, 2017. It contains several mounting systems, glued, screwed and cassettes. WVH first made a mock-up of a facade part. This mock-up is part of the contract, so the architect and general contractor have to approve this mock-up, or they have the opportunity to make some changes. Once approved this was the basis for further development and engineering of the facade. In this way, discussions at the building site are minimized and help the parties involved to have the smoothest possible building process.

Between the horizontal elements the facade consists of flat panels glued to a T section. The horizontal elements are made of cassettes to get it in the form designed by the architect. The smaller ‘fins’ are made out of 27 different colors, which enable a wide variety of colors schemes.

The architect, LIAG from the Hague NL, had a special design approach for the building; if you look at the building in a straight angle, you will only see a white box. If you walk or drive alongside the white box, a colorful rainbow of colors appears, due to these multicolored fins. In my opinion this is a very nice and subtle way to give the children’s hospital a clean, fresh and young appearance, as the small ‘residents’ of this building.

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